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The Movement for Digitalization and Sustainability

originated in Berlin from B&B-Conference 2018


Materials for a new Bits&Bäume branch

You plan to organise a Bits&Bäume event, a round table, a conference, a discussion evening or a panel? Great!

You already know what is important to us, if you want to name your new branch Bits&Bäume? Even better!

Here you find whatever you might need to plant your own Bits&Bäume seed.

Or you are just looking for speakers, topics or tips for your own event? Fine for us, too :)

organise sustainably

  • tips of the B&B-Team how to organise sustainably from using an open street map to hiring collectives for whatever you need

find input

  • our B&B publication Was Bits&Bäume verbindet (in German)
  • the speakers of the Bits&Bäume 2018, listet in our fahrplan
  • recordings of the 2018 conference and further talks on Bits&Bäume topics on
  • ask the Bits&Bäume team to explain the Bits&Bäume demands and why bit and tree belong together (mail address following!)

B&B materials for screens and paper (CC BY

May your seed grow well!

Your B&B-Team

If you suspect helpful information from us or want to inform us about a new Bits&Bäume event, please feel free to contact us: At you can currently reach Juliane (OKF) and Rainer (FIfF).
If you use #bitsundbäume on twitter, all Bits&Bäume followers will be able to find you, as we will.