Bits & Bäume

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The Movement for Digitalization and Sustainability

originated in Berlin from B&B-Conference 2018


Regional branches / round tables

Die Bits&Bäume-Community grows!
You want to join? There are some first regional branches, meeting regularly for discussions or to plan talks, workshops or their own local conferences. Be part of our movement!

  • Bits & Bäume Dresden
    Our first regular's round, initiated by the Faculty of Computer Science, TU Dresden, after two Bits&Bäume events on May 23rd and June 20th. Meeting at the University of Dresden.
  • Bits & Bäume Berlin
    Regular's round, initiated by the ASta, TU Berlin. There are also workshops, and the Berlin branch set up our online discussion board – yay! They are meeting at the TU Berlin.
  • Who will be next? :)

No Bits&Bäume nearby?

Found your own regular's round! In our section Bits&Bäume movement, you can read more about what to do to organize your own Bits&Bäume formats. There is also a mailing list as well as an online discussion board.