Bits & Bäume-Conference 2018

Organise sustainably

We think so: An event on the topic of sustainability should also be oriented towards these goals in its planning and implementation. For example, in the use and provision of digital and analogue infrastructures, we have paid equal attention to resource conservation, data protection and public welfare orientation. With this in mind, we are happy to share information and our experiences with you:


  • Meetgreen (Hold conference call and support reforestation)
  • Posteo(Email, but secure, privacy-friendly and green)
  • Signal Messenger (similar to WhatsApp/Facebook, but non-commercial, low metadata and open source)

Collaborative work

  • Nextcloud (decentralised, free software for shared file storage, calendar, picture gallery)
  • Etherpad-lite (decentralised, free software for joint and simultaneous text processing with chat function)
  • Ownpad (Edit and organise Etherpads integrated into Nextcloud)
  • frab (Conference management system including programme


  • uberspace (Web hosting and email provider, free software and with attitude)
  • Afeefa Kollektiv (Web development and consulting)
  • frab (esp. for programme overview and conference administration)
  • Openstreetmap (free and cooperatively created map data)


On side

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