Bits & Bäume

The Conference for Digitalization and Sustainability

17th to 18th November 2018

in Berlin (Technische Universität)

123 days left


The material basis of digitalization

Alternative economies

Environmental and network policy

Digital infrastructures

Fundamental issues

Call for Participation

Will digitalization lead to a sustainable future, in which everyone benefits from technological progress and we simultaneously treat the environment with care? Or are we heading for a digital turbo-capitalism, in which a few hold money, information and power in their hands and the economy continues to grow beyond the planetary boundaries? The Bits & Bäume Conference brings together all the important topics of digitalization as well as ecological and social sustainability.

Brief description of the conference

Making digitalization sustainable is one of the greatest challenges our society faces. With the conference Bits & Bäume we set a first milestone.

Rolf Buschmann, BUND

Techies and environmentalists need to talk to each other, because surveillance capitalism threatens the peaceful internet, democracy & our natural livelihoods.

Rainer Rehak, Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (FIfF)

Bits & Bäume gathers what does not yet belong together: Techies on the one hand and actors from the environmental scene on the other - this is the only way to shape a sustainable digital future!

Anja Höfner, Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IÖW)

The hacker community and the environmental movement have a lot in common. Now all we have to do is to plan a sustainable revolution together.

Constanze Kurz, Chaos Computer Club (CCC)

Digitalization affects fundamental aspects of our society. It must be designed in such a way that the planetary boundaries are not exceeded and thus our livelihoods are preserved.

Maria Bossmann, Deutscher Naturschutzring e.V. (DNR)

We must make digitalization fair, otherwise the gap between North and South, rich and poor will continue to widen.

Sven Hilbig, Brot für die Welt

Bits & Bäume aims to politicize the debate on the megatrend of digitalization. We need ideas and concepts on how we can make digitalization sustainable!

Tilman Santarius, Technische Universität Berlin

What technology does a degrowth society need? Bits&Bäume looks for answers beyond digitalization hype and technology phobia.

Andrea Vetter, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie

Our common goal: a peaceful world worth living in, where our human rights are respected and which we shape as a responsible civil society.

Juliane Krüger, Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland

For Germanwatch's goals - such as the energy and agricultural turnaround or the reduction of resource consumption - digitalization means both opportunity and risk.

Hendrik Zimmermann, Germanwatch e.V.

Goals of the Conference