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The Movement for Digitalization and Sustainability

originated in Berlin from B&B-Conference 2018


Bits & Bäume 2018 in Berlin

We bring communities together!

In recent decades, socially-changing movements have steadily grown, each following its own utopias: They fight to preserve nature and our natural livelihoods, for world-wide fair working conditions without exploitation, for containment of the power of corporations and against the destruction of the planet.

17th to 18th November 2018
Technische Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin

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They are committed to democratic participation, sustainable modes of production and consumption, fair trade between the global South and North as well as binding rules for the economy in line with these goals. Other communities aim at shaping digitalization in such a way that civil rights, protection of privacy, data protection, sovereignty and democracy are safeguarded for an open society. They stand up for free access to the knowledge of the powerful and the corporations, for a culture of sharing, for a digital world without surveillance, for flat hierarchies, global networking and decentralization, for self-determination and human rights in light of an age of artificial intelligence and the superiority of global Internet monopolies.

Until now, these movements of environmental activists and digital human rights activists have often acted apart. They offer solutions and ideas for their own respective topics, which have now reached not only politics, civil society and the economy, but nearly every household. Both want to understand the world and, above all, actively shape it. They see that substantial changes are necessary for a 'good life' and a just and sustainable society. However, a democratic and sustainable society can only succeed together - to achieve this, these communities must come together, learn from each other, recognize the commonalities of their utopias and implement them with new force!

So how can digitalization contribute to the sustainable transformation of society and the economy? How can thinking about sustainability inspire the techie scene so that digitalization guarantees long-term civil rights and individual freedoms? How, for example, can electricity from renewable energies and intelligent grids be further developed with combined knowledge from both scenes? What role does sustainability play for stable tech communities? Which ecological opportunities do digital applications offer for climate and resource protection? What types of digitalization are opposed or even counterproductive to these goals? How can the digital society be democratic and just while peacefully preserving the basis of our lives on this planet?

Among these key questions, Bits & Bäume stands – as an open networking conference – for new perspectives on digitalization with sustainability! We want mutual exchange; we need active networking. Therefore, we aim to

In addition to lectures, there will be space for discussion rounds as well as for planning projects and campaigns that link the various communities: hands-on workshops, activist information tables or hackathons. Bits & Bäume is intended to politicize and kick off common positions on sustainable digitalization and against anti-democratic trends. Two conference days provide impetus for intensive exchange and political activities. In addition to actors from civil society organizations, we also expressly address the interested public and progressive actors from science, politics and business.